Monday, November 22, 2010

Headin' Out.

Lookin' out the window, I see them clouds.
hearin' the birds talkin', they seem so proud,
look at 'em go, some fly solo,
hell, I'm a rider, I too can fly low.
Take a look around, its all goin' down,
Movin' faster than time, them faces with a frown.
It's time for a fight, that fight within.
Hell, I'm a rider, I'll get through with my thick skin.
Kudos to you, man your livin' it rough,
I aint that kind, though I get through tough.
Talkin' shit, you tell me, settle down.
I say, do your shit bro, 'imma head outta town.
I Kick it hard 'nd there are rumbles around,
roll out on the road, I'll be touchin' my ground.
Look at this world and you'll see the crowd,
Hell, I'm a rider, I'm just headin' out.
Nipun Srivastava

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chali Gayi Baarish.

Chali gayi hai Baarish,

Meri murad sath leke.

Chali gayi hai Baarish,

Baadalon ko sath leke.

Mitti ki woh mehek,

Hum logon ki woh chehek.

Badan ko chubhti boonde,

Chalte phir bhi aankhe moonde.

Tum the toh maza tha,

Par hume kya pata tha.

Chali gayi hai baarish,

Kuch yaaron ko sath leke.

Tum hote aj yahaan,

Toh phir hum sath chalte.

Chali gayi hai baarish,

Bas kuch yaadon ka sath deke.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Aage Na Jao.

Sadak pe bheed hai,

Khatra hai, aage na jao.

Duniya main log hain,

Khatra hai, aage na jao.

Bahar toofaan hai,

Khatra hai, aage na jao.

Andar haiwaan hai,

Khatra hai, aage na jao.

Din me dhoop hai,

Jal jaoge, aage na jao.

Raat andheri hai,

Kho jaoge, aage na jao.

Who Khadi hai,

Pyaar hai, aage na jao.

Tum akele ho,

Aasoon hain, aage na jao.

Aage na jao varna yeh duniya peeche chod degi,

Ik baar peeche mudo toh,

Yeh duniya phir se jhanjhod degi.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Is shaam ki mehfil me maza liye ja rahe hain,

is shaam ki mehfil me maza liye ja rahe hain.

Mehfil me sathiyon ke sang nasha kiye ja rahe hain,

mehfil me sathiyon ke sang nasha kiye ja rahe hain.

Nasha sharaab ka nahi, humsafar ki dosti ka hai,

nasha sharaab ka nahi, humsafar ki dosti ka hai,

Nazar na lage, sadi bad bhi dekhoge.

nazar na lage, sadi baad bhi dekhoge,

Toh yuhin chale ja rahe hain, chale ja rahe hain.

My Thank you to the Firelords


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Ode to the Firelords!

I dont think, I roar,
I dont just, wanna soar,
the roads beckon, this time I'm free,
no chains, broken away from the shackles are we!
we are brothers beyond blood,
tugging away at lifes own tugg.
we'r not just road junkies and I cant be ignored,
i'm free and i'm a FIRELORD.

Nipun Srivastava.

My Machine.

It never takes too long for me
To get pushed to the limit you see,
I try and control, i try and hold it,
But then i see my machine
and Something tells me she’s it.

Life’s troubles, life’s frustrations
The people who quarrel, and the constant judgements,
Its all a facade, i know it is..
Its not the real world, oh cummon this?

They say everything is for the good,
Every thing happens for a reason,
I just wish i could let them know
That if something is good, you made it
And if there’s a reason, the reason is you!

I don’t wanna run away, I’m not a coward,
But i’m a free bird yeah i am,
I belong in the wind, im not here to cram
And then i see my machine,
Again something tells me she’s it.

I see my boots and they are ready,
Not for this facade called life, but the real world you see.
I get ‘em on and myself get ready.
Now i know my life is out there steady.

Got my ridin’ boots on and i see my machine..
Yeah still thinkin if she’s it,
I get on her, give my life a kick,
She rumbles and she’s live,
The Two wheels spin, and i feel it..

I ride into the wind, into the real world out there,
And yeah i look at my machine,
But this time, she tells me she’s it.

Azaad. [my independence]

Door kahin jab sooraj dhalta hai,

Mera ddhwaj uncha udta hai.

Door kahin jab sooraj dhalta hai,

Mera ddhwaj uncha udta hai.

Mera zehen mujhse kehta hai,

tera munn uncha udta hai.

Azaad hai tu apne is desh me,

Rangon jaisa tera dil khulta hai.

Har parchayin peeche chod dega tu,

Tu azaad hai,

Jab tera dhwaj uncha udta hai.

- Nipun Srivastava.

On my way back from Bangalore, 15th August 2010.