Monday, October 19, 2009

Fixing the heart..

Ah yes....the time when you feel low, the entire purpose of ones life seems purposeless, if you will. When you attempt to forget and 'move on' with the whole 'Purpose' thingy. STOP! and think - I was in love...I was madly in love, life was perfect with that person, it could never be any better..and Wham!! every thing just falls apart. So, was it actually?
Your still in love, in most cases, madly in love but life is not perfect any more and it could sure as hell use some Dr fix it. We think we'v been hurt bad and noone else out there could have gone through anything worse! Today, I find this exact situation very funny...yes, its funny.
How could anything that can fall apart so easily be so perfect? madly in love?? Wasnt 'True Love' supposed to last forever? or is it all just a sham? I'm hurt today, its deffinately left a scar on that cared for heart i have beating inside me. The scar will never be erased completely, I know. So, its now sinking in huh? That guy or girl is never gonna come back to you, never gonna love you..and guess what you still think you love them. I realised, no.
So now your asking me how was this funny? I'm hurt. well well, lets see, i'm not laughing at myself or at you here but, us humans, with our exceptionally evolved brain and our abilities to solve the complexest(if I may) problems seem to be so hasty when it comes to our own good, even in love. I learnt a real lesson this time, look before you leap! Cliche'? I dont think so. This stuff works man. Yeah, we'r not hasty once in our lives and learn our lesson - ohhhhh no. We make the same mistake again and again and again till one day (Ta-Da)! you know what i mean.
That is what makes it funny.
Anyways, so that episode is behind me. I've taken a 'Time out' from this love chant that everyone seems to be in now. hmmm...So where are we? Its been quite a while and we think - oh i can never fall in love again! what?? You were NEVER in love Mr. You dont call some fling for 2 months 'Love', i mean for god sake, get outta that freaking jaap.
Oh well, so the nitty gritty - Can we actually mend a broken heart?
Strangely enough I got my answer from my so called broken heart itself, yeah. I realised, so many things I've been through, deaths(not mine obviously, sorry :P), heart breaks, loss of a friend, being back-stabbed, being accused of doing things i have no connection with, the sorts...but the one thing that absolutely kept on going, that just wouldnt give up, that just would not be affected by anything going wrong around me - it was my heart itself.
My heart just kept on beating, refusing to be shoved into a phase of depression or whatever you wanna call it. Strange how one finds examples of heroic survival within ones own self.
Yup, today my heart is not broken, its not mended either, you know why? Coz it was never broken..i'm happy now. n' guess what, this time i'm in love and i know it. I made sure i read the *conditions apply jargon before signing up :-).
and yeah...
The next time you plan a hiatus to the sky,ditch the extra baggage and go solo...coz when your up there, you'll find someone, who has been over the same hurdles you have, and trust me then you'll know what true love actually is..


rush_me89 said...

haha.....nice satire on my post....good one!!

Shooter said...

hey sweetie, its not a satire...i know where you are today, i was there long back and learnt my lessons the hard way too..but today i'm in a good place and i know you will too reach up here..m just wwaiting for that day...:-)

Shill said...

Hmmm... Interesting... Wouldn't say i'm all for it.. but interesting..