Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Machine.

It never takes too long for me
To get pushed to the limit you see,
I try and control, i try and hold it,
But then i see my machine
and Something tells me she’s it.

Life’s troubles, life’s frustrations
The people who quarrel, and the constant judgements,
Its all a facade, i know it is..
Its not the real world, oh cummon this?

They say everything is for the good,
Every thing happens for a reason,
I just wish i could let them know
That if something is good, you made it
And if there’s a reason, the reason is you!

I don’t wanna run away, I’m not a coward,
But i’m a free bird yeah i am,
I belong in the wind, im not here to cram
And then i see my machine,
Again something tells me she’s it.

I see my boots and they are ready,
Not for this facade called life, but the real world you see.
I get ‘em on and myself get ready.
Now i know my life is out there steady.

Got my ridin’ boots on and i see my machine..
Yeah still thinkin if she’s it,
I get on her, give my life a kick,
She rumbles and she’s live,
The Two wheels spin, and i feel it..

I ride into the wind, into the real world out there,
And yeah i look at my machine,
But this time, she tells me she’s it.

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