Monday, November 22, 2010

Headin' Out.

Lookin' out the window, I see them clouds.
hearin' the birds talkin', they seem so proud,
look at 'em go, some fly solo,
hell, I'm a rider, I too can fly low.
Take a look around, its all goin' down,
Movin' faster than time, them faces with a frown.
It's time for a fight, that fight within.
Hell, I'm a rider, I'll get through with my thick skin.
Kudos to you, man your livin' it rough,
I aint that kind, though I get through tough.
Talkin' shit, you tell me, settle down.
I say, do your shit bro, 'imma head outta town.
I Kick it hard 'nd there are rumbles around,
roll out on the road, I'll be touchin' my ground.
Look at this world and you'll see the crowd,
Hell, I'm a rider, I'm just headin' out.
Nipun Srivastava

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