Monday, November 16, 2009

Kicking it at Kashid :-)

A mind as free as the ocean, imagination as limitless as the sky, heart as wild as the wind and spirit as unshakable as the earth..The absolute essence of a rider, any rider who is a part of the FireLords.

A long ride was long a due for the club and hence we Planned- Kashid, a 2 kilometer stretch of white sand on the Indian west coast some 30 kms south of Alibaug. A one way dash of around 170 kilometers from Pune city.

So, Friday came...the weekly meet of the Lords, we people...our city ride and then the dinner table. Finally 7:30am at our designated meeting point the next morning was decided. We left, I went home up at 5:30am, packed my stuff...geared up and was ready by 6:30 waiting for Mr Yogesh. Looking around rechecking my gear and all my stuff I passed some time and then called Yojang, bhai sahab abhi bhi ghode bech rahe the, 'yaar main abhi utha hoon, give me 20 minutes'.

nyways, I headed for our meet up place...reached there and as usual nobody was there yet...though Mr Pankazz did come after 10 minutes. We talked trying to pass time...trivia etc etc..and then Yojang thumped in, Carolyn the pillion. I took his case for a while but after we saw him exhibiting his parking skills, I was not the only one taking his case!

Dhruv was next to arrive, he joined in the 'Yojang ki le' session....and then the wait...the long long wait...for our Ninja Hattori. So about an hour later we hear and see the Kawasaki Ninja 600 zoom in. 'Sorry sorry sorry' went Tinu....well at least now we have the time adjustment duration for FireLords Standard Time!

Mr Kishore rolled in right after Tinu and so did the ladies - Neha (kishore's daughter) and Shona. Well we were all set for our start, a few conversations, chai and tips later we headed for our weekend getaway, Biker ishtyle :-)

The route we followed was the dreaded Mulshi Tamhini ghat route - the shortest. Pune - Mulshi Tamhini...great views of the valleys and killer curves....our breakfast stop, atop Tamhini...awesome missal and an omelet as spicy as the chilly itself.

Onwards to Kolad and then just before Kashid the Ninja (which was flying up until now) suddenly decided she wanted some more attention. Tinu Pulled out the tools, tried his best...but we couldn't get it running again.

So we found the bike her home for the night and were off again..a short distance left but the rain gods started showering their wishes for the city people on their motorcycles.

We reached Sea Touch...a cozy lodge cum hotel cum hang out kinda place nestled right next to the beach...and once the bikes were parked and the engines shut off....the sound of the waves filled our minds..the smell of the sea rejuvenating our breath and the was just awesome...once we were up and settled in our rooms, the liquor came after beer and yeah I was on breezers, 'fanta' as dhruv put it and the jokes went on and on. the food came - awesome bhajis and fried things...chicken curry, dal roti the works...done with lunch, everyone obviously settled down a tad more....feeling relaxed after the ride.

Conversations went on and got deeper through the evening, I left for the beach after a nice cuppa chai, rode to the beach with folded up pants and a sleeveless T-shirt...actually felt like i was wearing the breeze...that feeling is just indescribable. Heaven :-)

At the beach, photography and time pass - the usual. Awesome weather...the sunset, my bike and my thoughts....i was in bliss. Could sit like this for hours i thought....forever actually.

It became dark....the sun disappeared behind the clouds leaving me disappointed as i wanted to capture the sun kissing the horizon :-(. But anyways no time for grudges, it was time to head back to Sea touch so I did..reached and checked out my photos...the guys and girls were back after their share of trippin' with the sea. Now what, u ask?
Daru, More Daru and even more Daru....and then the Pjs started, effe effe kaife kaife....the fpirit of KAMINEY got into all the kaminaf and after thif point every thing that we fpoke waf in thif dialect.

Tinu had us all in splits, when he asked Carolyn"can I spread my legs, if u don't mind". I realized the night was still young and decided that i would head back to the beach for a spot of night photography....sadly there was no moonlight hence couldn't even get one decent shot of the sea by night. Rode back to where there was endless laughter and jokes on a wagon wheel overflowing.

After a while, the conversations got deeper, life experiences, troubles, triumphs etc etc took over the tongues of us mortals....its a different feeling all together when people with such varied backgrounds bond with each other. We even had our very own Phd student, Carolyn, for a change :P.

Madam Neha then wanted a ride...and so the humble gentleman I am :P, we went on a short ride to the local market which is located right on the beach side. When we reached...there was no light at all - pitch dark...facing the ocean I turned off the engine and the sound of the high tide was smoke down and a conversation later we rode back to the hide out.

The food had arrived...mind blowing prawn curry with rice....the most amazing combination. wow. Ravi too joined us, he was here with his office colleagues at a hotel near by. He ended up staying the night over with us eventually.

So back to the food, Dhruv and me were eating our food, relishing it to the last morsel and then all of a sudden Pankzz zi, who is now drunk out of his wits, gets up, stands in the middle and jumps and his hands crossed..and says suck my ****. Dhruv and me look at each other and then burst out laughing! What is wrong with this guy man! hehe :P

The groupies one by one, either went to the bitch(beach) or went off into slumber. Some of us however chose the hammocks under the coconut trees...staring up at the sky through the leaves, Lightening!! I said....and Neha came back with a 'shut up, where the hell can u see lightening'?
I forgot all about that once i realized that the coconuts up there could fall unpredictably and 'my nuts' were right in their path, guess what, i said this out loud and Neha who too was on one of the hammocks laughed out as if it was the only joke of the day. I was too busy trying to turn around in my hammock, it'll hurt less on the butt..:D

Carolyn and Yogesh were now back from their stroll on the bitch and plonked on hammocks too...'mujhe daaru chahiye' said yogesh in his trade mark Thakur ishtyle. While I was Still gathering the courage to turn around and face the sky on my hammock, the rain started pouring down on us like crazy...baarish baarish baarish.

Well finally, I too surrendered to my sleep and went to bed..

Abe uth! ***** uth sale!! UTH!!!!

I'm woken up by these saintly words flowing out of Ameys' mouth at 7 in the morning....these people, i.e - Amey, Adil, Animesh, Sid and Amya rode down from Pune in the night...and reached here at 7 am....Awesome! though Amey had his reasons. :P

Got up with a nice chai...and the early morning sea it was..the rain had now stopped..but must have poured though the night. The night riders went to sleep and the riderz of the night woke up one by one..chai..poha..omelet pav..gr8 breakfast.

After breakfast, Tinu, Shona, Neha and me went for a short ride towards the national forest...we saw another stretch of amazing looking beach on our way....went just a little further and turned back...

Stopped midway for a few pics and headed back...

Woke everyone up as we were to leave for Pune soon...the jokes continued and kept on coming. Everyone got ready and we all went to the market as the breakfast got over and there was a lot of hunger still left - late risers dint get anything :P.
At the bitchside market we had fome more breakfaft and relaxed a bit before the long ride home. Hogging done, we left for Pune...this time we were 8 bikers and a sexy 4 (SX4) and we took the Highway route...Kashid - Alibaug - Pen - Khopoli - Lonavala...the rain caught up with us near khopoli....and views of lightening streaks and the surrounding mountains were mind blowing! Lona-vla we regrouped and had our lunch at 5pm. Drenched to the bone we left for the drizzle..rode like race horses till dehu road crossing where this experience ended..

Loads of things learnt ..bad things forgotten...the realization of peace and the tranquil nature of life away from the city, more amazing friends made...bonding and last but not the least - The passion and spirit of riding upheld.

My Thank you to The FireLords.


Neha said...

Very well written.....!!! Good luck to a great future!!!

Yogesh Jagam said...

Good one.....
Fahi liha hai.....!!!!

Ashutosh said...

Nife Write Up Bro! Kinda Rushed thru' fuch a long sucking ftory!

rush_me89 said...

you write amazingly well

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