Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A thousand thoughts..

It's been a real roller coaster these past two odd months, really, so much has happened. So many instances, so many experiences....and the worst of all..My ex girlfriend (:P, yup, its that bad). Well for starters...we rode to Hedvi last Dec, it was an awesome ride apart from the fall I had while riding to the beach paradise. Wasn't anything serious...hehe..the joke became - I was trying to teach the other riders how 'not' to ride :D. Well...falls are part of life..certainly a big part of mine, everything that I've learnt, everything that I've achieved is because I have fallen.

Fallen, and then I pick myself up, every time. It hurts real bad trust me, every time one falls, I speak for myself here though, I always feel like throwing it all away and just letting things be. But, something inside me, each time, gets my brain thinking - No, Get up Nipun. I believe that is the hardest part, right there.

So, after Hedvi...we're back again and then the new year beckons...yeah right! This New Years was another weird story. There was a huge event I was a part of...worked really hard to get it going. It was a huge party organized by the Big Wheels Motoring Team...I really needed to be there on that day, considering how the team worked off our asses to get the event up. Also, the very same day was one of my closest friends' birthday...and he was celebrating it at a remote village campsite managed by the Y M C A...I really wanted to be with him on that day. He is a real special guy :)

I decided I was gonna drive along with the birthday gang to the campsite on the morning of 31st Dec and then drive back alone to the event venue in the evening...I wish!
I drove along alright, till we reached the campsite, and once I got out of my car and took the customary 'walk around' inspection of the vehicle...I saw all the Transmission Fluid of my car draining out like oil out the narrow end of a funnel...and in a matter of minutes...I knew where I'd be spending my new years..This was the first time I ever got the strong want of being in two places at once.

No network coverage where we are and the road back is hardly a road, to say the least. The time i'm supposed to spend with my buddy goes in trying to make phone calls out of the campsite, to be able to fulfill my promises to my team at BWM. I cant. Decided that I would instead be happy and spend my time at the campsite with utmost rollick...I got ready for the day :)
An amazing afternoon in the lake, kayaking...rowing..and trying to swim.

After that it was a quiet struggle with sleep in the Red tent...with my friends making sure I am the one who looses the battle :P. Steadily, our jokes took over the sleepyness and the evening saw us playing barefoot basketball.
What an experience...for once i let my camera sleep and just played under the fantastic sunset..as a photographer its really hard to give up on scenic views and instead play. That day, I did, and it was an amazing experience cutting myself away from my self imposed obligation to photography :)

The night came and after dinner we went for a midnight trek to a nearby hill...its not the trek but the drive to the hill that was mindscrewingly awesome. Standing at the back of a pickup truck, in the cold wind, and Sam - the manager of YMCA driving the truck like his seat was on fire....wow!

After the trek we had our very own bonfire at the campsite and the entire jing bang danced to Father Abraham and 'if i was a bachelor boy' hehehe...that remembrance always brings a smile on my lips..

Sleep came soon after...back at the Red tent..6 sweet hours and I wake up with the sun in my eyes...shining through the trees and the perforated fabric of the tent's window...i love waking up like this :)

Rifle shooting and rock climbing...and then time to leave...I never even wanted to load my bike onto a truck, this time I had to load my car onto the truck...which was barely big enough for my car. Sitting in the car all the way, with my foot on the brakes and one hand holding the trucks facade to stop the car from its body wobble...60 kms...another experience which i will never forget. At least Kevin finally got the truck ride he always wanted :D.

Reached Pune in the eve and the next day the car was in for her dose at the service station...so that was my New years 2010..I loved every weird...unimaginably upturned...ridiculously ridiculous minute of it...Thank you Anish for taking us there, again :)

And 2010 starts..on what note..I have no frikkin idea. I knew some thing was coming for me...its still coming for me, though I donno what it is..and I had the uncanny feeling I wasnt gonna like it :P. So comes the second friday in 2010...the bikers meet and again for some reason I dont make it..but I was determined, I made it for dinner...Oh! the cheese chilly toast of the Boat Club...its to die for, lip smacking!

Then the weekend....a bunch of friends ride to Lohagad and trek up to the top of the fort in the middle of the night..a good trek. We camped, well sort of..the bonfire kept blowing away at us in the wind...and the tent kept flapping around all the time..yet we enjoyed in the company of close friends and relaxed at the top of the Scorpions Sting (Yeah!) in our tired bodies...we called sleep at 6 early morning...in sleeping bags that were anything but! The cold wind making it so easy not to fall asleep that it was really a big struggle, even for those in the comfort of the 3 man...or lets say 3 wo-man and one man tent :P.

The morning....remember how I love getting up? Yes, the rays...straight into my eyes from the heavens above and through the cold wind.
I woke up at 8...could only catch about 30 minutes of good sleep I guess..and up out of my sleeping bag I find Rashmi and Sambit up as well...we walk around noticing that the very same Fort wall we were running about playing on...was actually like a cliff about 200 feet high...wow..what a realization hehe...phat gayi!

Anyways, we trekked back all the way to the base of the Fort where our steeds were...and then had some much needed food eh Rashmi? :P! bhajis and nimbu paani...when your stomachs are running on zilch...this is like heaven :)
We then head to Lonavala and then towards Pune...We did stop at sheetal da dhaba for lunch...and chaach..and lassi..and beer..and butter chicken..and a little more chaach :D

We were back in pune by about 4 or 5...and this weekend also came to an end...time well spent, if you ask me :)

Again...the rut..college, practicals..professors with attitude...me wanting to shoot them and kill them with a headshot..thank you counterstrike :P
damn...this is long ya..

Then that day..the one that just pushed me over the edge..I meet my ex...don't want this to ever happen again...trust me. I have had enough of that shit! old memories...bad ones..good ones..and that last hug, I wish all this didn't happen...but it did...bad. Then again, I am me...oye! prem ki nayyiya hai raam ke bharose! hey, apni hi nayyiya ko paar tu lagyile!! Yes...this is how I am...:)
I love it this way..

I realize I'm single...and for the taking..whats stopping me? nothing!
suddenly I'm a man on a mission :P. oh ladieeeeesss....I'm Baaaaack!! :P :P okok sorry.
That's where it ends for now...I'm looking for someone :D thats it :)

Jenny's Birthday!! we surprise her at her place at 12 am on the day...what an evening...wine..more wine..bad wine...very bad wine and port wine...the savior :D
I'm sorry Jennifer, I will gift you port wine next time !
How can I forget the passionate 'mills and boon' version of decorations that took place at Jens place b4 she arrived...narrated by none other! me! :P
boy, one of these days Kavva is so gonna make mince meat out of me...'and with her mighty sword...she slay him down his throat..and feast on the mere mortals' blood' :P shit, sorry :P :D.

Anyways...its been real long since I wrote anything...kinda bottles up, this stuff. This is my blog after all :)
My thankyou to everyone mentioned and not mentioned here who were with me through my days and nights of fun. Specially to those who are able to read this in toto and not kill me by the end of it...I love you guys! P

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