Friday, February 12, 2010

5 Minutes at Pune Junction.

Yatri gan krupya dhyaan de, Mumbai se aane wali 6529 Mumbai Bangalore udyaan express thodi hi der me platform number do pe aane wali hai.. I’m finally gonna meet her :) and a nervous burst of excitement ran through my body. You know, the kind when you know something good is gonna happen..
So, it was 11.15 am on a boring Tuesday morning, I was at the railway station holding, as always, my disposable of cold coffee in one hand and some biscuits..the kind she loved, in the other.

It was sunny, normal and usual, the shades doing their job of cutting the sunlight before it reaches my eyes…walking around on the platform I was beginning to miss my camera (the photugrapher inshtinct)...Seeing so many people doing their jobs, jobs even that guy in ‘dirty jobs’ wouldn’t do.
It’s a beautiful place I’m telling you, an Indian railway station, if you look at it the right way.

The digital clock hanging from the asbestos roof of the platform struck 11.30. Boy was I excited to see this girl. :D knock knock knock, I got a message…Nipun! I’m almost at the Pune station, where are you??
And I replied…surprise! surprise! :)
So now she knew I was here, waiting for her…I wonder what she was thinking you know. I mean, here I am all excited to meet her but would she be how I thought she would be? Or will I be shocked to see somebody far from my perception of her?

Racing through my mind these thoughts caused a chain reaction in my head…I was looking at the digi clock again and again watching it go from 11.32 to 33 to 35 and then I told myself – relax boy, she’s a friend, not a monster :P

And then the clock struck 11.40, awesomely the train was bang on time! Wow, I like India even more now :)
I saw the engine rolling towards me…chugging along as if it too was suffering from the Tuesday morning blues, working like a machine all day – I wish I could give it a nice hug :) no! Seriously! I really wish I could! It was a huge blue and white electric motor unit with the driver peeping out of his window, damn I miss those army trains when all us kids could ride in the engine of a train..used to be so much fun..honking the huge horns every now n then.

Chugged by, the bogies kept passing clud clud, clud clud…S2 S3…S7 S8…and then the one, B1 the one she was in…it stopped right in front of me :)
I saw her standing at the door and in a fraction of a second I knew it was her…she looked amazing :) just the way I thought she would. Yayi!

The train stopped and she came off…we gave each other one of the best hugs I ever got…:) thanks Shraddha!

We got talking…wassup! My standard line..
This that yeh woh…

Paanch minit the…11.40 to 11.45 and then the train would chug away and she would leave…damn for once I wish something went wrong with the train and that it would not leave :(
All this at the back of my mind while we engaged in conversation…I loved her hair and those big big eyes…and that smile, wow…don’t have words to describe it.

The clock struck 11.45 and a sinking feeling took over, the five minutes were over…she would leave now, I donno when I’d able to see her next..damn I wish I could make her stay somehow..

11.46 and the whistle goes off…we see the green flag waving at the front…she gets back the door..I don’t want to take my eyes off her.
And then the train moves…bye shraddha :)
Just like she came….like a breath of fresh air…shes gone..
I walk back smiling though, just smiling, not thinking not contemplating…just smiling. And yeah, thank you INDIAN RAILWAYS!!

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